It has apparently become more of a challenge to encourage kids to read today. One of the challenges being encountered, and perhaps this is felt more on the side of the child and its teacher, is that the very parents are hardly reading, not anywhere close to what their older peers may still be accustomed to doing, even to this day.

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You go to public libraries and what do you see. Well, that would depend on your community, but in most cases, it does appear to be encouraging. On the one hand, during those quieter times of the library’s hours, you still see the older members of the communities shuffling forward to have their latest riveting reads stamped.

And you can quite sure that they will be bringing them back on time. The libraries’ busiest hours tend to be around the time schools and colleges close for the day. Now you see growing and hungry kids coming forward to find material to help them with their projects. Parents with young kids need to introduce themselves to kids books bronx ny reading habits.

This places them in a healthy position to nurture their young children who cannot yet comprehend all the words on the page. These are not comic books. They are picture books with a definitive educational theme. Each picture is accompanied with a very short phrase. The pictures have to be amusing enough to retain the child’s interest, and for that matter, the parent’s as well. The longer parent and child spend with books like these, the sooner the young child will want to spend time alone in his or her own imaginative and independent world.

And the cartoon network hours also need to be drastically shortened to make way for reading time.