Your regular attendance is appreciated. It can only be good for the family dentistry east los angeles clinic’s reputation. The fact that you and numerous others are willing to return, year in and year out, for your annual dental exam may speak volumes for the clinic’s dental abilities. But inasmuch as you only have yourself to blame when things go awry, it is you who benefit the most from your regular attendance.

Owing to your regular attendance, your family dentist is better placed to ward back any onset of disease and infection. He can also help prevent teeth and gum decay. This leaves him and his patient with space for fresh recommendations that will help to enhance the patient’s overall oral health. These could include teeth cleaning. This procedure is not as clear cut as your regular brushing and flossing at home.

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No matter how well-practiced you are in your personal and oral hygiene, you are almost powerless to stem the tide of bacterial and plaque invasions. Of course, it always helps matters if your regular diet is indicative of a healthy eating plan. The consumption of healthy, organic food results in the consumption of far less bacteria and plaque than would have been the case otherwise. If ever the patient were to be unsure of just what is good to eat, the dentist is easily able to produce a list of recommended foods.

But expect to be reminded, with a thick, bold red mark scratched over it, to not consume white sugar. This surely is one of the worst oral pollutants. It has no nutritional value whatsoever and is quite destructive to teeth. So if you really must, do make sure that your occasional soda is completely sugar free.